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    This is my first story and I am not going to talk any shit. First let me introduce myself I am Dilprit 18 Years old living in Ahmadabad and doing my engineering. I AM VIRGIN I love No Strings attached relationship (Casual ones). And, I am also in mood to grab some ladies from here, but I love threesomes too.

    The girl in the story her name is Riddhi and she’s 20. I didn’t know her before that night. I didn’t believe that I can have sex with a stranger.

    Usually at the navaratri girls roam around and late night stuff happens. Now the story begins, I was gone to Rajpath Ahmedabad with 4 of my friends at 8 and after some garba and enjoyment I got thirsty and was looking for water I took the bottle and started drinking and our eyes met. Beautiful girl in yellow and red choli doing garba .

    I smiled at her she replied and I waved her and joined back my group after sometime I saw her again, so went towards her and said Hi and the conversation begins I introduced myself then she and we went onto the food corner, we did garba after about an hour I asked her for coffee to which she replied in a positive manner. So we went to Danny in my car. There we talked about our likes and dislikes.

    I told her I like her and I told I want it casual and no strings attached as I don’t like shitty love craps to which she agreed and our lips met and we had about 2-3 mins of kissing session. After that I paid and went to a place where no one can disturb our privacy. We went on my friends PG. Let me describe his PG it’s a 2 BHK flat in a posh area near to my place He and his sister lives there and that day I was lucky as his sister was gone for navaratri.

    Then I told my friend about the situation and he agreed we went in a room. I started kissing her and then I went on a single string which was on her back I just undo it and boom her blouse was off she was wearing a pink dotted Calvin Klein push up bra woahh marvelous I don’t understand much about the sizes and seriously I don’t care about it at that time so we continued kissing for about 5-6 minutes and then I removed my kurta and was in only in my pajamas undid her bra and there were her soft boobs with pinkish nipples.

    I pressed and sucked them madly she undid my pajama and was left only in underwear and she was licking my chest like a pro and biting my nipples after that steamy session I removed her choli and she was there in a panty I removed that too and the beauty was sheer naked. I enjoyed the view and started kissing and exploring her body madly meanwhile she removed my underwear and took my shaft (5.7 Inches) into her hand she sucked like a professional and woahh there she was pleasing me. And I was pressing her boobs then got hold of her hair as I have a fantasy of POV while a girl sucking my dick and my dream was fulfilling.

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