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  • My Lovely Wife And Her Navaratri Tattoo


    Hi everyone and this is Ravi and this is a very new story of my wife which happened recently. I would like to share with you all. I am a businessman and my wife is a housewife. I used to travel a lot for official reasons and my wife often used to be alone in home for most of the days.

    The incident which I am going to narrate happened during the Navaratri festival days. It is one of the biggest festivals in Gujarat where the girls tattoo their body and perform dancing. My wife’s name is Kumkum, 25 yrs old and she is a very conservative and shy type. She expressed her interest to perform dancing this year in public with my presence.

    But due to my business meeting, she was again left alone during the festival. I felt very sad for not fulfilling her desire. She was also afraid to go to tattoo shop and also to perform dance alone. Kumkum is very beautiful women, no one take their eyes off from her after a glance.

    She normally wears saree in home which covers her body completely. She does not like to expose any part of her body. It is because of this, I am shocked to hear from her that she was interested in dancing because the girls expose lot of their body. The choli will be completely backless with tatoo’s all over the back and also the navel will be exposed.

    The girls will get lot of attention in the crowd because of their sexy curves. Coming to Kumkum, she is very sexy. Her stats are 34-30-34 and also she is very fair. Imagine what it would be like, if such a hot lady wears a complete backless and sleeveless choli with the navel up for grabs. Her Navel is very deep, a old 1 Re coin can be inserted into it.

    My fried Rohan runs a tattoo shop near to our neighbourhood. He is my childhood friend and Kumkum is also very friendly with him. I have seen her speak well only to him among men. He is a very handsome person, and very well built. He is 6 feet tall and has good modelling looks.

    So I suggested her to go to her shop and get her body tattooed. But she was hesitant and also shy to go alone as Rohan might not be there in shop and also only men do the tattooing. So I called Rohan and expressed the desires of Kumkum to do tattooing.

    He readily accepted and told me that he can come to our home and help Kumkum out. I was really happy and also told Kumkum about this. She was also very happy about the idea as she believes in Rohan than any other men.

    Next day morning Rohan came to our house will all his instruments to do the tattooing. Kumkum was also ready for it, and she completed her morning bath and wore a semi transparent yellow sari with loose hairs. She was at her hottest attire on that day. She was also wearing a matching yellow blouse which covered her entire back.

    Kumkum invited Rohan inside our home and they both greeted each other since they were meeting after some time and she gave him some fresh juice to drink. In the meantime Rohan was looking for places in the home where he can place his instruments and ask Kumkum to sit comfortably.

    The position is very important while doing tattooing because it takes a lot of time and precision. Finally they settled in the sofa in our hall. They did not enter our bedroom because we also have a servant boy Ramu working in our house who is 18 years old.

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