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    Hello, guy, girls, and aunties. I am Sameer (name changed) living in mumbai. 6ft tall. With a tool of size 6.5″. I am 18 years old. And completing my bsc. Let’s not bore you anymore and come to the story.

    The heroine of this tale is Veena my cousin, a girl of age 21, with a milky white complexion, a figure of 34-28-36,her ass and boobs were worth dying for.

    This story started on the day of rakshabandhan. All my aunts(dad’s sister) had come to our home for tying rakhi. All the came with their children. Which were mostly girls i.e, My sisters and they were of the age 18 to 22 years. They all tied me rakhi and after doing all the rituals, we all cousins sat into my bedroom. And our parents were seating in the living room. I was very frank to all my sisters, so did they. As I was the only brother of their age. All other brothers were either less than 14 yrs old or more than 23 years old. We all were doing masti and singing and dancing.

    After that we started playing truth and dare. It wasn’t interesting until the bottle stopped to my sister veena. She took truth and I asked her, tell us one dirty thing that you wanna do in future. To our surprise she said that she wants to watch bp with one of the brother and winked at me. We all were surprised. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I was the only boy in room with 8 sisters.

    We were about to resume the game and the aunt called us out. My parents and all aunts were going to a relative’s house and wanted to take us along. All my sisters went. I was lazy so I stayed at home. They said they will be back in 30 mins. I started watching tv. After around 20 mins my sister veena came and rang the bell. I opened the door and she came in and closed the door. The following conversation is as-

    Me- where are others?

    Veena-they all will come after 10 mins.

    M- then why you came so early?

    V- didn’t you remember what I said while playing truth and dare.

    M- I was taken aback. I knew what she said but still I stayed unaware.

    V- don’t be over smart, I know you. Remembered that.

    After that I sat on the sofa she came and sat next to me. She took her phone and earphones and opened a porn website. I was shocked and well as curious. I said what are you doing. She said-completing my desire.

    And gave one earphone to me. It was a brother-sister sex video. So I was getting horny as well as she. I saw her rubbing her pussy. She saw me and took her hand off her pussy and looked at me. We stared each other and suddenly she kissed me.On my lips. We started smooching each other.. Waao..! That was an amazing feeling.

    As we were seating on the sofa it was difficult to smooch so she came and sat on my lap and continued the kiss. I was hard by then. I was sure she was feeling it still she didn’t said anything. We smooched each other for 10 mins. I moved my hand up to her breast to fondle them from outside.

    But before I could do that the door bell rang. She hurriedly got away from me and went to the washroom for getting properly dressed. Meanwhile, I opened the door and saw that all the aunts and my other sisters had come. On that day we didn’t get a chance to do anything more.

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